Refund Policy

No Worries Guarantee

We understand that life happens! 

TasselRue offers a 1 year No Worries Guarantee against manufacturing defects and accidental customer damage up to 3 times of a customer having an issue.

**In the future, this will not apply to international customers**

Please follow these simple steps. 

1. E-mail us before sending your package! E-mail us at This is a very important step. We like to make sure that we know a package is coming so we can prepared to get your jewelry back to you as soon as possible. 

2. Package your jewelry in a way that won't incur further damage. We suggest a small jewelry box and some tissue paper. 

4. Make sure to send the package with a tracking number. This is essential! We need to be able to monitor the package. If you send the package without a tracking number and we don't receive the package, we will not honor the guarantee. When you e-mail us, we will provide the address to send the package. 

5. If we can fix your jewelry, great! We will send it back to you in a timely manner.  If we cannot give fix your piece, we will offer a jewelry piece that is equal to or less than your original piece. 


We welcome any questions! Please e-mail us at