About TasselRue

Hi! My my name is Shannon Mitchell and I'm the creator of TasselRue! I'm a mom, wife, and an avid researcher, lover, and creator of raw gemstone jewelry.  TasselRue was born in a small room in my house called the "Green Room". It is here that I do my creating and brainstorming while sitting at a small wooden table listening to my favorite soul pastor (shout out to you, Rick Warren!) or just listening to some great artists like Chris Tomlin, Lindsey Sterling, and ColdPlay. 

I find raw gemstones fascinating and was determined to use them in my jewelry work. Some of my very favorite stones are Moss Kynite, Neon Apatite, and Strawberry Quartz though of course, I think they are all beautiful or they wouldn't end up in my jewelry pieces! I love researching little known stones and teaching people the beauty and meaning behind them.

One fun fact about me is I'm a huge chocoholic and candyholic and one of my favorite gifts this year was different chocolate bars from Turkey! I also haven't met a SourPatch flavor I haven't liked yet either. ;) 

So, that's me in a very small nutshell! I live by the motto, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" and I would be honored to have you as customer/friend of TasselRue. :)