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About TasselRue

Shannon Mitchell is the creator and designer of TasselRue. She's a mom, wife, and someone who was tired of seeing so much costume jewelry with synthetic gems.  TasselRue was born in a small room in her house called the "Green Room". It is here she does her creating and brainstorming

sitting at a small wooden table.  

She finds gemstones fascinating and considers them a gift from nature. Each gem set in her jewelry is carefully selected based on several factors. She uses her color theory knowledge to create pieces that look beautiful stacked or worn individually.

Shannon lives by the motto, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" and she would be honored to have you as customer/friend of TasselRue. 

Shannon Mitchell

TasselRue actively looks for ways to spread kindness in this world. Our company has partnered with numerous charities who help with the betterment of different communities. Our heart song and focus of our activities is children and stems from Shannon being a former teacher of at risk high school students. 

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